Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies to the use of The Ad Bar Ltd Website which also includes any Websites co-branded or associated with a separate third party name or brand (“The Ad Bar” or “Website”) namely Video CV’s at Our privacy policy covers how The Ad Bar Ltd treats any personal data that we collect and receive from you, as a user or candidate, through our Website.

The Ad Bar Ltd reserves the right to review and monitor all user content as set out in our Terms and Conditions to ensure quality and compliance at any time. This privacy policy is incorporated into and is subject to our Terms and Conditions. Using this Website and any personal data you provide remains subject to our Terms and Conditions and this privacy policy.

The Ad Bar allows users to upload video adverts and display user data content on our Website and or on other Websites associated to The Ad Bar Ltd. We maintain respect for intellectual property and user confidentiality and provide optimum security on a reliable infrastructure. Your personal data is extremely important to us and we continue to strive to protect it at all times.

1.     What information do we collect?

1.1.    Personal data” means information specific to who you are which may be used to identify, contact or locate you such as name, address, email address and contact telephone number. Personal data collected is specific to you as a “user” or “candidate” of The Ad Bar Website. The Ad Bar Ltd may collect personal information from you including and without limitation, during registration, whilst completing surveys and any other instance where you volunteer information about yourself.

1.2.    Non-personal data” means information not used to indentify you personally such as demographics and Website visitations. We may collect non-personal information automatically through the use of technological industry standard methods. Further terms can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

2.     How we collect your data

2.1.    Registration. Access to this Website does not require you to register as a user. Access to certain areas of the Website will require you to register as a user and you will pertain to completing the registration form with accurate and true information. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided to The Ad Bar Ltd is kept up-to-date by informing us at a later date of any changes to your registration information. The Ad Bar Ltd collects user data when you create a user account on the Website and or to use other services or to submit content to our Website (as defined in our Terms and Conditions). When you register with The Ad Bar Ltd, we ask you for specific personal information such as your name, job title, business name, operating industry, email, contact address and password. We will not ask you for your age, gender or any other such private information such as bank details. Failure to provide and maintain accurate required information may prevent access to any or all of The Ad Bar’s properties, and may result in termination or suspension to access any of The Ad Bar’s properties.

2.2.    Technology based Collections. While you may use The Ad Bar Website as a guest user, The Ad Bar Ltd or its associates may collect non-personal information about your usage of the Website i.e. your Internet browser, IP address, connection speed, your Internet service provider etc. Such information may be collated in the following ways:

2.2.1.   IP Address. The Ad Bar automatically receives information on our server logs from your browser such as IP address, cookies and requested pages each time you access the Website. We may use information for the following purposes: identity checks, authentications, service improvements, billing, research, products and service updates and analysis. IP address information may be used in the following way:   To attend and diagnose technological service problems reported by users or detected by our engineers   To target advertising based on geographic location and to report to advertisers   To analyse number of users/visits using The Ad Bar Website from geographic regions   To provide Business Intelligence reporting to users based on geographic location   To analyse information and authentication during promotional activities

2.2.2.   Cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. The cookie file does not usually contain personal information but it will assist us in understanding your usage of the Website in relation to information you have provided. We may place a ‘cookie’ text file in your browser files for authentication and to enhance the usage of the Website i.e. storing page preferences. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically however you can configure your browser to accept or reject cookies. Rejecting cookies may restrict access to the Website and make certain areas of The Ad Bar Website inaccessible. For example, you may not be able to sign-in to the Website or make full use of our services. We use cookies to:   Allow you to sign-in to the Website   Authenticate users and personalise usage of the Website   Track preferential usage of the Website   Understand the total usage and audience size of our community   Conduct research to improve our services

The Ad Bar may use third-party authorised providers under contract to improve our services and may use aggregated cookie information for such purposes.

2.2.3.   Tracking Usage. When you post audio and visual materials including, without limitation, images, videos, copy, text, logos, artwork, graphics, messaging, testimonials, ratings, comments and sound and other intellectual property (User data), to our Website, The Ad Bar tracks and records non-personal information associated with your account and your usage.

2.2.4.   Server Logs. We often analyse server logs to track usage and may correlate this with personal information if required. At times we may:   Aggregate information as to how you use The Ad Bar   Gather and combine data for demographic purposes   View information on how you review others for compliance purposes   Observe viewing habits to review behaviour and popularity of content   Gather information on how videos are viewed to help ensure our platform runs efficiently

3.     How we use your data?

3.1.    Whilst we collate data about you, we will always maintain that such information be kept confidential. We do not use your details in any manner which is unnecessary and we do not sell, hire or disclose any of your information to third parties.

3.2.    Registering with The Ad Bar Ltd permits us to use your personal information and send you information via email including links to complete registration, confirmation of registration, confirmation of change of password, to verify and check identity and to notify you if we believe there has been any breach in agreement.

3.3.    We are required to use your data for internal purposes to help improve our services. By signing up to our services, you are providing us with permission to email you details and updates regarding your personal My Bar account and the Website. For example, if we need to contact you regarding content, we reserve the right to via email, post or telephone. During registration, you may chose not to accept any marketing information about The Ad Bar and or our sister companies.

3.4.    We may if granted with your consent, use your information to send you related marketing and promotional information specific to The Ad Bar Ltd and or our associated companies and we may publish targeted advertising content based on the information you provide to us and how you make use of the Website. You do have the option to opt-out of receiving such correspondence and can do so at the start of registration or anytime thereafter by emailing us through our contact here.

3.5.    We may use your personal information to operate, maintain and supply you with a consistent service and to further offer and notify you with updates and features and functionalities of our Website and services, based on the information you provide and how you make use of the Website.

3.6.    If you contact us via telephone or email, we reserve the right to record details of your personal information for training purposes. We may record your personal information and correspondence if you have reported any concern or problems related to The Ad Bar Ltd and its services.

3.7.    We may use non-personal data for system administration purposes which may include without limitation, monitoring system traffic, gathering demographic information and assisting with any diagnostic server issues.

3.8.    As mentioned, we use cookies and IP addresses to track and understand your usage of the Website that is specific to your interests to help inform you and keep you updated on relevant new services and third party opportunities.

3.9.    We may share your personal information to employees, technical contractors, agents or other third parties carrying administration work on the Website to help improve the Website and its services and to enhance functionality or associated services. In any case by which The Ad Bar Ltd forms part of another entity, merges with another third party or is sold, information provided by you to this Website remains an asset of The Ad Bar Ltd and may be transferred.

3.10.  The Ad Bar Ltd does not knowingly collect or maintain information of people below the age of 16 years of age. If we learn that such information is collected via our Website, we will take the appropriate action to delete such information and will prosecute those liable. The Ad Bar Ltd is not responsible for those who attempt to misuse or abuse our services and neglect the responsibility of themselves and others within our community.

4.     Safeguarding your data

4.1.    We store your user data on secure servers which are password protected and further protected with firewalls. We have set in place security policies to ensure to our fullest capability that the security and integrity of your information is kept safe. Our services provide a secure and reliable infrastructure to respect intellectual property and user confidentiality.

4.2.    For security, we maintain very high standards to protect against any unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or deletion of personal information. All associates of The Ad Bar Ltd, including and without limitation, employees, contractors and third parties who access personal information for administration purposes are conditioned to confidentiality obligations and will be subject to disciplinary and prosecution for disclosure of personal information.

4.3.    We do not misuse the data (i.e. name, email, address etc) we collect from you at registration. Managing your My Bar or Video CV profile means that you can opt to keep certain information private if preferred. Our trust and commitment to you means that we will never:

4.3.1.   Sell, trade or rent your information to any other third party

4.3.2.   Divulge private information about you if you have not asked us to in written consent.

4.4.    You can choose to make information private and free from public viewing during registration or at anytime using your My Bar control. If you do not check the private boxes provided, uploaded content can be viewed by anyone. If you do share information publicly say via testimonial feedback or through email, you do this at your own risk. You have two options to publish content as either:

4.4.1.   “Shared” = by which user content will be publicly viewed by any and all users of the Website and its community

4.4.2.   “Private” = by which user content will be restricted from public viewing but will be accessible to you and The Ad Bar Ltd in connection with the administration of the Website.

5.     Changing Personal Information

5.1.    The Ad Bar allows users to change and update any previous information submitted during registration providing that it does not violate or compromise and security or privacy policies. Upon request, we will amend and or delete previously stored information with your new data. It is important to note that whilst we can delete information at your request, it becomes impossible to ensure that data is completely erased due to some fragmented data being retained in system backups. To request to amend and remove any previously registered information, please notify us using our contact here.

6.     Disclosure to Third Parties

6.1.    The Ad Bar Ltd does not sell, trade or rent any such personal information to any third party whatsoever. We may however be entitled to disclose your personal information if requested for legal purposes upon receipt of a court order or to corporate with any other such legal enforcement investigations.

6.2.    Our Website may contain links to third party Websites who may collect personal and non-personal information directly from you. We may also use third parties to assist and offer The Ad Bar Ltd with supplier services all of which have their own privacy policies set in place. The Ad Bar Ltd is therefore not responsible in any way or liable for such privacy policies permitted by third parties and is not responsible for the content of these third party Websites. The Ad Bar Ltd does not warrant any representation or guarantee for the content, products and or services found on these Websites or for the security of information in which you provide to them.

6.3.    You understand and agree that whilst we allow you control over certain data content, publishing your content via our Website or distributing it to a third party Website provider or host means that you are making your submissions viewable to individuals in ways that The Ad Bar Ltd does not and cannot control. If you share content with third parties, The Ad Bar Ltd is not responsible for your data by any third party at that location.

6.4.    Information which you share publically remains your responsibility and therefore cannot and is not controlled by us. Information may include that of which you share online in a message, email, chat, within My Bar area etc. You are aware that this is a public viewing Website so others may collect, use and disclose such information and that The Ad Bar Ltd does not control or guarantee the security of the information you disclose or communicate online in public areas via The Ad Bar Website and or any associated Websites. Sharing and downloading information using this Website and our associated Websites is at your own risk.

6.5.    We maintain no liability out of our control whatsoever in connection with whether you decide to show content as “Shared” or as “Private” including without limitations any decisions you make to change the authorisation to view your user content. If you decide to change the access rights of user data content at any time, you must be aware there may be copies of such user data content previously extracted, adapted, received or read that is still available to the public in which we do not and cannot control.

7.     Updating our Privacy Policy

7.1.    The Ad Bar Ltd will continue to seek new ways to help protect and safeguard you as a use of our Website. Occasionally, we may update our privacy policy to help us protect the personal data in which we collect. By no means will any change result in any downgrade of any security or policies implemented to protect you from unauthorised access outlined in this current Privacy Policy. Please do check periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes to this privacy policy to help you stay informed. Your continued use of this Website serves that you are in agreement of this privacy policy.