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Touch Light

Instantly turns any flat surface into a touch screen.


Social Video Networking

Social video networking brings advertisers an exciting blend of powerful online video, together with the phenomenal success of social networking. We combine the two into a single hosted platform where business owners can advertise their products using video, whilst connecting to a public/private social network of business followers. By creating a network of followers who like your brand, connect to other businesses so they can share your ads across their network and other social sites. Video sharing keeps your brand connected so the more you network, the wider your ad reach! 

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Connecting your brand to potential buyers

Create a network of followers who ‘like’ your brand. Grow your infrastructure at a click of a button and send network requests to those that can benefit from your products or add value to your business. Connect to other directors and managers alike and share industry news, product demonstrations and marketing messages with social video networking.

Maximise your reach

The bigger your network, the wider your reach. Your video advert can reach channels of different businesses all watching your advert. The more engaging, relevant and up-to-date, the more likely others will talk about it! For maximised exposure, not only do those in your network see your advertising, but their clients get to see your advert too! Video sharing and networking keeps your brand connected – the more you network, the wider your advertising reach.

Social Media Interaction

Maxmise user experience and allow others to share and interact with your video content. With integrated social media tools, increase your visibility on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We make it easier for users to share, link, rate and comment on your channel but also to engage back with your audiences. Make more informed decisions about other brands through reviews, testimonials and ratings to help match the needs and requirements of your business.