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Where Buyers learn more about your Business

The Ad Bar is a social video network where buyers come to learn more about your products through your dedicated ad channel. Whether you are a start-up or large corporate company, The Ad Bar let's you create and publish your channel with professional video and social media as part of your advertising mix. Our fully hosted secure platform lets you broadcast your business and deliver powerful advertising messages direct to your audience on-going for FREE!

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Create and share your business video advertising channel

Create and deliver your very own video advertising channel and engage greater audiences with high-quality video-on-demand. Manage and share your Ad channel for FREE with quick and easy-to-use tools to get you started. We provide essential digital solutions like video hosting, network connectivity, multi-broadcasting, social media and high-quality video playback to help you deliver successful advertising messages direct to your business audience.

Manage your channel daily with 'My Bar'

Whether you have multiple daily media files (video and image) to share or just infrequent advertising schedules, we make it easier to upload, organise and manage your media library. My Bar interface gives you full control with useful features such as preview playback and drag and drop playlists to help organise content with ease. Upload your brand to mark your channel, optimise your ad and add links to other social media sites to keep social users following your business! Once you have registered, click on ‘My Bar Channel’ to get you started.

Social Video Networking

We combine the power of video with the influence of social sharing to bring ‘Social Video Networking’ for business. Want to grow social awareness and interest in your brand? Create a social network of followers who 'like' and see great value in your products and use video as part of your mix. Connect to other businesses and link your brand to greater networks to increase your exposure. Not only do those in your network see your advertising, but those in their network get to see your channel too!

Social media sharing

Deliver your content across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also encourage viewers to share your media with others who are also interested in your business. We make it easy for others to interact with your brand using embed codes and social sharing buttons. It's a great way to spread your message and measure the relevance of your Ad. You can also provide direct links to your external third-party social media sites.

HD Video hosting

Great quality video helps to keep viewers tuned in. Our video hosting platform offers a unique way to introduce, demonstrate and capture your business in stunning High Definition (HD). Allow viewers to quickly switch between standard and high-definition media with ease. Advertise your business across all major viewing platforms as we host your video in high resolution (Standard or High-Definition as available) to maximise user viewing experience and optimum playback.

Multi-media player

Our beautiful multi-media player allows you to upload and playback both video and image transitions in wide-screen to better communicate your business. With in-player controls, viewers can maximise their experience when watching your content. Upload multiple files and tell your business story with your business video channel.

Multi-broadcasting for cross platform viewing

Promote your business channel wherever you are. We ensure that your video content is encoded in multiple formats to be delivered across all platforms such as PC's, Smartphones, tablets, connected TV's and other popular devices. Upload your media and we will take care of the rest! Using our specialised dedicated servers, we automatically adjust the playback to suit user connection speed and their viewing device so you do not have to worry about content delivery.